Plume Varia Music Video Release | Denver Music Video

Plume Varia

The day is finally here! The music video Alex and I created with Plume Varia is live! I can't even begin to describe how amazing it feels for all of our hard work to finally be available for everyone to see! This project was one of my favorite collaborations so far! Shon and Cherie of Plume Varia are unbelievably talented and fun to work with. I loved bouncing ideas off of them and making our visions become a reality.

What's unique about this video is that it was recorded live in the photo studio. So the music you hear, is the music Alex and I heard while we were shooting. This is definitely a different approach to a music video that would normally be synched up to a pre-recorded song.

When editing the music video, I was interested in meshing the classic quality of the band's signature black and white with modern digital glitches. After countless hours in Adobe After Effects hand creating and placing the glitches, I knew it still needed one more thing. In the studio, we shot a few different b-roll clips that we were in love with. Wanting to embrace this classic vs. modern concept, I decided to incorporate the b-roll shots into the video as a secondary analog channel. The way I explained this to Shon was by telling him to imagine that he was watching the live music video on an old TV with bad reception. Not only are there glitches, but there is also a completely different TV channel coming through. The live performance is the core of the music video, but every once in a while the second channel interferes and you can see a glimpse of something else. 

We were fortunate enough to have the music video premiered on Denver Westword! Click here to read the article they wrote!

Also, Ultra5280 published an interview with Cherie about the concept and process behind the music video. Click here to read the interview!

Without further ado, here is Plume Varia's live music video for their songs Slumber | Altar.