Chefchaouen, Morocco | Destination Wedding Photographer

November 27th, 2016

Where to begin with Chefchaouen? First of all, it's this otherwordly dreamland perched up in the Rif mountains. As we got off the bus, I looked around and didn't see the blue buildings I expected. Sure, there were a few scattered around, but nothing like I expected. We dragged our luggage to the nearest taxi and climbed in. He drove us through the town and up a hill next to a waterfall. We got out and met our host from Casa Sabila (we would HIGHLY recommend staying here). He led us down a cobblestone street and into the Blue City. My mind was blown. Suddenly we were surrounded in blue. The walls were blue, the ground was blue, the doors were blue. It was incredible!

It rained our entire time in Chefchaouen, but we were still able to wander around and take some photos. The city is small, you can walk from one end to the other in about twenty minutes. But there are many alleys and paths that are fun to explore. If you're interested in shopping, you are also in luck. We loved peaking into the shops full of spices, rugs, and clothing. We saw people weaving on large looms, and others woodworking. It was amazing that you could buy an item that was made in the same room!

And the best part is that getting to Chefchaouen isn't as difficult as you'd imagine. We were able to take a bus from Tangier, Morocco to the Blue City in just three hours. You can also take a taxi if you have a bigger budget.

Here are the photos we took during our three days in Chefchaouen! The cat-lovers are in for a treat.