22 Things I Did While I Was 22

Photo by LisaAnne Photography - http://lisaannephoto.com
Photo by LisaAnne Photography

1. Filmed 21 weddings

2. Drove over 2,220 miles throughout Colorado for weddings

3. Had 42 wedding meetings (That's a lot of coffee!)

4. Started planning our destination wedding in Isle of Skye, Scotland

5. Went on a road trip to Disneyland

6. Took Alex to Lakeside and Casa Bonita for the first time

7. Made homemade Nepali Momos

8. Went to Disney World for Halloween

9. Pretended to be a witch at Diagon Alley and drank warm Butter Beer

10. "Won" NaNoWriMo by writing 50,000 words in November (Still haven't finished the novel)

11. Had our first look in Iceland

12. Saw the Northern Lights

13. Almost cried at the foot of the most beautiful waterfall (Gljúfrabúi, look it up.)

14. Visited a ghost town

15. Experienced Meow Wolf - House of Eternal Return

16. Climbed the Great Sand Dunes

17. Surprised Alex with a trip to Japan

18. Met the sacred deer in Nara

19. Saw Giant Buddhas (This is another place that almost made me cry)

20. Went Tokyo Disneyland for the first time (I'm beginning to think we have a Disney problem)

21. Got lost twice in Japanese forests (We still don't know how it happened)

22. Attended my first immersive theater experience at Sweet & Lucky



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