How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Videographer | Vow of the Wild


Our couples often ask what they can do to help us get the best footage possible for their wedding films. Here are some things to consider:

Iceland Wedding Videographer

Don't Worry About Getting Your Clothes Dirty

One of our favorite parts of the day is when we get to go out and explore with our couples. We've been known to climb rocks, run through fields, dip our feet into rivers, stand beside waterfalls, and dance in the rain. We love when our couples are fearless, trusting, and adventurous. You only get married once, and you'll only wear your wedding clothes once. Why not really wear them? We promise you it'll be worth it and you'll wear your dirt and mud like a badge of honor.
P.S. Ask Alex about what happened to his pants on our wedding day.

Colorado Wedding Videographer

Schedule Extra Time for Your Videographer

We are great at sharing time with photographers. During the time with just you and your new husband/wife, we will film along with your photographer. We do ask that you give us 10-15 minutes in addition to what your photographer suggests though. Sometimes we have a few specific ideas up our sleeves for your film and we don't want to cut into the time your photographer needs. Your photographer is of course welcome to stay and shoot photos during this time as well!

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Sunset Session

As artists, we see the world in light. Many times throughout the day, you may hear us drooling over gorgeous light. Everything looks better in the right lighting. We highly recommend (in fact, we beg you) to schedule 15 minutes or so for us to film you during sunset. We find that this is a great time for you to take a moment as a couple, decompress, and reflect on your wedding day. The entire day goes by so quickly, so taking a few minutes out of your reception to love on each other is well worth it.

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Don't Fight Emotions + Be Yourself

You're hiring a videographer because you want to remember exactly how you felt on your wedding day. So feel it, embrace it, experience it! If you want to be goofy and dance around, do it. If you feel like you might cry, let the tears flow. These are the genuine moments that you will look back on and cherish for the rest of your lives.

Colorado Wedding Videographer

Write Your Own Vows

This is one of the best things you can do for your wedding. Not only will it be AMAZING in your film, but it is also a great way to personalize your ceremony. We suggest writing your vows in a small, sturdy notebook or on notecards. This will keep crinkling noises out of your film from the wind or nervous hands.

Consider a First Look

Having a first look is a great way to save time after the ceremony because it allows you to take bridal party portraits as well as some of your couple's portraits before the ceremony. This is great for weddings with tight timelines, because you won't have to crunch family portraits, bridal party portraits, and couple's portraits in during cocktail hour. It also allows you to eat, drink, and mingle for at least part of your cocktail hour. Many of our couples also mention that having a first look calms some of their pre-ceremony nerves. However, if you have your hearts set on waiting to see each other at the ceremony, it can be a really powerful moment. We support your decision no matter what!

Colorado Wedding Videographer

Write Letters

We love when couples write letters to each other to read while they get ready. It creates a beautiful and special moment and allows you to sneak some sweet (or silly) words to each other before the ceremony. Whether you read them aloud or not is completely up to you!

Colorado Wedding Videographer

Unplugged Ceremony

During an unplugged ceremony, guests are asked to put away their phones, iPads, cameras, and other technology. We believe in the importance of guests being fully present during the ceremony. You've hired a photographer and a videographer so that your guests can enjoy your vows instead of documenting them. Many couples enforce this by putting signs near the ceremony site, adding it into the program, or even having their officiant announce it before the procession starts.

Hire a Day-Of Coordinator if Your Wedding is Large

If you're having a big wedding, we highly recommend having a day-of-coordinator. It will take so much pressure off of you and your families. This person will help make sure things are decorated correctly, deliveries arrive on time, guests are where they need to be, and help you stay on schedule. They will help make sure everything goes smoothly so that you, your family, and your wedding party can enjoy the day.

Hire a Professional DJ

It is important to hire an experienced DJ. This person will not only be in charge of making sure your family and friends can hear your ceremony, but they will also be in charge of hosting your reception. If you're having trouble finding the perfect DJ, we can recommend one to you!