Exploring Big Sur California | Destination Elopement Photographer

We had been planning our road trip up California's Pacific Coast Highway for a few months when the rains caused one of the bridges near Big Sur to collapse. But by then we had already booked our non-refundable accommodation up in Morro Bay, and we were still determined to see a redwood forest and the rocky coastline, so we decided to take the long way through the mountains to reach the coast. There was a tiny pocket of open road starting south of Lucia and extending down 13 or so miles to Gorda. I know 13 miles of open road sounds like nothing, but there are a lot of amazing sights packed in!

We started in Limekiln State Park, which is the last turn before you hit the closed off bridge to Lucia. There is one major hike in the park, but it splits off into three little off-shoots. Each of these are worth doing! The hike is relatively easy and incredibly beautiful. We could tell that the trail had been disrupted by the rain, and there were a few parts where the trail was washed out and crossing the stream was a bit tricky. But we loved seeing the ferns, clovers and towering redwood trees.

We then drove down the coast in search of a trail that would lead us to the edge of the cliffs. We found a pull-off with a trailhead and started walking. We were able to see some beautiful and foggy coastlines and even some rabbits!

Back in Morro Bay, we explored Montana Del Oro State Park, where we climbed on rocks and even got a little bit wet. Oops!