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Madisyn + Grady

Adventure Session

The first things we learned about Madisyn and Grady were that they are recent Colorado transplants who have been together since high school, but also that they are dog parents to two herding dogs named Rose and Iria. When we met with them for coffee to talk about their intimate wedding next June at Piney River Ranch (which is hands-down our favorite Colorado wedding venue), the conversation quickly veered toward their pups. We, of course, wanted to see photos of Rose and Iria, and we immediately gushed over how cute they were!

For their engagement Adventure Session, they told us that wanted to bring Rose and Iria up to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful fall colors, we were so in! This year’s drought caused the aspen trees to change early this year, and we thought we might have missed all of the beautiful yellow leaves. But luckily, we managed to find a few gorgeous patches of orange and yellow trees.

We met them at the trailhead just as the sun peaked over the mountains, and we couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful day. The sun was warm and illuminated the leaves around us.

Madisyn and Grady aren’t joking when they say that their pups are their babies. They have such a cute relationship with Rose and Iria. Their girls each have their own sweaters and are just so obedient. Even if Madisyn or Grady just say their names quietly, Rose and Iria will immediately stop what they are doing. After hiking through the forest, we returned to their campsite and they made coffee while Rose and Iria ran around together with their toy.

 Let’s just say that both of us were wishing we had our own dogs after spending the morning with Madisyn and Grady.






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