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Allison + Jeff

Allison and Jeff are the kind of people that you immediately feel comfortable around. When we first met them for kombucha in Denver, I think we said goodbye a dozen times before we actually parted ways. We just couldn't stop chatting!

They wanted their wedding to feel nontraditional and intimate. They chose Blanc Denver as their venue and hired Jessie from Tangerine Room Events to transform the space into a clean, magical, and modern space. Allison and Jeff got married in Blanc Denver's industrial courtyard in front of a wall of greenery, complete with ferns and hops! Then they ate a multi-course dinner (which included pad thai and chicken + waffles) inside the beautiful white-walled building. As the sun went down, they ate Little Man ice cream in the courtyard and danced the night away inside. It couldn't have been a more perfect day!


"When my husband and I started planning a wedding, we knew that documentation was going to be one of the most important parts of planning. We received a recommendation for Vow of the Wild from our wedding designer. The first meeting with Alex and Lisa was all we needed to make our decision. Alex and Lisa are incredible humans and are extremely talented at what they do. I do think they are in a league of their own. They are so talented and passionate at what they create and are professional on every level. Their love story and their vision is so unique and they are able to find a way to capture moments that can take you back to the moment! You remember the emotion and the excitement and they do this by being with you throughout the day and capturing the moments. You often times forget they are even there, but then you try and find them to ask for advice because they really are so creative and visionary. Just two days after our wedding, the trailer was up online. All the emotions and excitement from the day rushes back when we watch this trailer and everybody who was involved cannot stop watching it! Alex and Lisa were such an important part of this monumental day in our life and because of them, we have the strongest memories and cannot wait to keep this with us for the rest of our lives." -Allison + Jeff


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