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Cassa + Nic

When planning your wedding, it can feel like there is a list of rules you must follow. But Cassa and Nic weren’t about to let any rules keep them from having their wedding, their way. We think it’s fair to say that their wedding day turned out perfectly. After Cassa and Nic got engaged, they knew that they wanted to do something different for their wedding. Their first thought was to have an intimate destination wedding in a far off country. But the more they researched and the more they planned, they both realized that you don’t have to travel across the world to have a beautiful and memorable elopement. In fact, they could get married in their own backyard and share one of their favorite places with their friends and family. Each morning, they could peek out the window and see their special mountain off in the distance.

This year, we had a winter that stuck around much later than usual. We’re talking snow in the mountains into June! By mid-July, some mountains roads were still closed and trails were covered in snow. This was the case for Cassa and Nic’s elopement location. In the weeks leading up to their wedding, Cassa and Nic made multiple trips to the trail to check on the conditions. It wasn’t looking great. The parking areas were piled high with snow and even the nearby campgrounds were still closed. We worked with them to make a Plan B, then a Plan C, and even a Plan D.

Finally, the trails were accessible enough for the four of us, plus their pup, Lexi, to do the hike on their wedding day. Cassa and Nic had a unique vision for their wedding day. They started the day before sunrise and hiked through the dark to the top of their favorite mountain with only us and their pup. They cuddled up together on the mountaintop and watched the sky turn bright pink. At sunrise, they exchanged emotional vows with each other. The wind whipped across the mountain, but their adrenaline managed to keep them warm until they exchanged rings and had their first kiss.

After their vows, we hiked back down to the base of the mountain to meet their families for an intimate ceremony. When planning their wedding day, they knew that they wanted their families involved, but they also wanted a truly private vow exchange. So they decided to have their symbolic ceremony at the top of the mountain, and then have a legal ceremony, officiated by Cassa’s dad with their families. It couldn’t have been more perfect! Their families greeted them with big hugs and then gathered in a meadow for the ceremony. Cassa’s dad led a beautiful ceremony that had just about everyone crying. After Cassa and Nic’s (second) first kiss, everyone celebrated with champagne.

But this isn’t where Cassa and Nic’s wedding day ended. They drove back into town and met even more friends and family for a reception. There was lunch, dancing, speeches, lots of cake, and even a photo booth.

Just because you feel like you’re expected to have your wedding one way, doesn’t mean you have to follow those rules. Craft your wedding day for you and only you. We assure you that it will turn out even better than you’ve dreamed.





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