A Videography Workshop For Photographers


Hi there!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Masterwork Videography Workshop for Photographers! We are SO excited that Adam from Aflatis Wedding Films invited us on to be special guests at this workshop! We can’t wait to share everything we’ve learned with you!

Is this workshop for you?

  1. Are you a wedding photographer who is interested in adding videography to your business?

  2. Are you interested in learning how to shoot and edit video?

  3. Do you want to learn how to be a great storyteller?

this workshop will have 3 main focuses:

  1. To learn and understand how to create wedding videos with a photography background

  2. To grow your wedding photography business by utilizing video

  3. To build some community in the process. We’re keeping the event pretty small, to allow for lots of real interactions in between.


Our Story

Vow of the Wild first opened for business in the spring of 2015. At the time, we focused solely on wedding videography, and it took no time at all for us to fall in love with the medium. There is something so special about being able to hear the words being spoken and to see the movement.

In 2016, two friends of ours asked us if we would be willing to do photography and videography for their intimate wedding. We went back and forth A LOT about whether or not this was something we could do or if it was something we even wanted to do. We questioned whether it was even possible to do both and if we would be any good at it. After many long conversations and debates, we decided to give it a try. And we haven’t looked back since.

Today, nearly all of our couples book us for photography and videography. Specializing in both mediums allows us to work with our dream couples, have total creative control, and in the end make more money.