We are best friends and newlyweds. Read about our wedding.

We've called Denver, Colorado "home" for our entire lives.

Travel is one of our greatest passions and we are constantly adding new places to our bucket list. Currently on our list: Peru, New Zealand, India, Faroe Islands, Switzerland, and Italy.

Lisa feels a strong urge to pet every dog she sees, and listens to way too many true crime podcasts. I'm constantly planning trips, even planning a new one before we've left for our next one. I have a life goal to visit every Disney park (3 down, 3 to go), and I'd really love to visit every continent, but Alex isn't so sure about Antarctica.

Alex thinks burritos are the perfect form for food consumption, and rarely goes more than a few days without one. I've also gotten really into board games lately. Like, maybe a little too excited about them. Oh and I love craft beer and kombucha and anything with cheese. I know, I sound like the literal embodiment of a hipster (beard and all), but I swear I'm not really haha. (Lisa disagrees)

We love connecting with couples who have a taste for adventure and want to share their story.


Wedding Photos By Frankee Victoria Photography

Olympic Peninsula Adventure Session By Elisa Watkins Photography

Our Isle of Skye Elopement Film


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