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Oh, Lisa and Alex...these two will forever hold a very, very special place in our hearts. Our wedding day was the most magical day of our lives, and we owe a lot of that to them. When we began wedding planning, we were on the fence about also getting videography. We stumbled upon their work and the moment we watched it and were brought to tears while watching strangers’ weddings, it was a done deal. Their work is absolutely beautiful, and our wedding was no exception. We’ve had a ridiculous number of compliments come in about our photos/videos. Close friends have described our videos/photos as “so us,” which truly speaks to their ability to capture and portray you as YOU. They SO accurately captured the nerves, emotions, and pace of our big day, and we are transported back to those special moments every single time we see our videos/photos. For that, we are forever grateful.

The dedication of these two to their couples throughout the entire planning process is astounding (they must not sleep or something!). They work SO incredibly hard to create an experience that is true to each couple’s vision and come to you with no judgment as to what you want or don’t want to include in your day. On top of all this, they are truly wonderful human beings! We consider ourselves so lucky to have developed a friendship with them through this experience. Their artistry and talent are somehow matched by their humility and graciousness. They are true to themselves and their work - a genuineness that is so endearing and can be hard to find.

We have already had a post-wedding adventure session with them, and you can bet there will be more to come in the future! We cannot imagine having had our wedding day without them. THANK YOU, Lisa and Alex, from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️❤️
— M + K
Colorado Elopement Photographer
Oh my, where do I begin? The best decision I made, other than running away to Colorado and marrying Cameron was choosing Vow of the Wild to do our photography and videography. For being 11 hours away they made everything so easy, from helping choose an AirBnB, restaurant recommendations and helping us pick the locations for the pictures. Not only did they make the planning less stressful they made the day-of SO much less stressful. It was very much, go with the flow, low stress, if something happens we will work around it and they did everything in their power to make our day the way we wanted it. 100% would recommend. Thanks Alex and Lisa!

Oh, you will also get endless compliments on your pictures from others. The day pictures were posted I have 4 girls message me asking who I used and were now thinking about an elopement.
— Samantha + Cameron
Destination Elopement Photographer
Honestly, the easiest part of our whole journey was the videography and photography. Once we got the parents on board, Lisa and Alex turned into a combination wedding party/best friend/videographer/photographer/wedding planner/guardian angel/dance coaches amalgam that made everything smooth and relaxing. Not only did they provide excellent quality photography and videography service (ensuring that in 10+ years we may still love and want to share our day instead of laugh at the ridiculous dresses/awkward poses) but they did little things for us, like help us learn how to dance, or at least masquerade as dance proficient for our first dance the night before our reception. Or, help us find the ONE, seriously, pre-made cake in Margaret River the day before we were to eat wedding cake following our ceremony. They provided us with all the easy transitions, small (yet genuine) talk and aid of comforting friends through the small in between moments too.
— Catie + Jessica
Isle of Skye Elopement Photographer
Lisa and Alex exceeded every expectation we had or could have had for our wedding. It’s a huge deal to trust someone to capture the most important day of your lives. We placed our trust and confidence in Lisa and Alex, and they did not disappoint. From our very first Skype session, we were comfortable and at ease. Their level of expertise, professionalism, and passion was evident in every interaction and clearly manifested in all of their work. They have the unique ability to capture the most intimate moments without you noticing, and the extreme attention to detail to capture that passing glance or tear falling from a cheek; special moments that you may have otherwise missed. We’re especially grateful to have chosen to use their talents for both our photography and video. There’s just something so special about each perspective— still and dynamic. We think both the photography and videos were crucial to fully encapsulating our day and helping us relive it again and again. Lisa and Alex, we honestly can’t thank you enough. You are two incredibly kind, talented people and we’re so grateful we found you.
— Cat + Matt
Faroe Islands Elopement Photographer
My husband and I just eloped a bit over a week ago to a dream destination with Alex and Lisa. These two are beyond-words-incredible. They go above and beyond both as humans and as photographers/documentarians. Their talent is somehow matched by their helpfulness and genuine warmth and energy. We cannot say enough about these two- stop reading reviews and book them. Go now.
— Brittany + Justin
Colorado Elopement Photographer
Vow of the Wild was by far the best decision we made for our elopement in Colorado. Lisa and Alex were extremely responsive and easy to work with throughout the whole process of planning our out-of-state wedding. They helped us with every aspect of planning which was extremely helpful. Our wedding video and photos are beyond what we ever even imagined they’d be. They captured our day perfectly.
— Angela + Jason
I guess I’ll start by saying that the moment our eyes landed on Vow of the Wild’s work we very stubbornly REFUSED to look elsewhere. My husband and I were on a very tight budget for our wedding but we confidently agreed to book them and we would’ve made the same choice a thousand times over.

From our very first conversation on Skype (they were so cute and we were so giddy to talk to them) they were easy and fun to talk to and had great communication overall. We only had the chance to meet them in person on the day of the wedding but they have this incredible way of making you feel like you’ve known them forever and are so comforting to be around.

I’m a big crybaby and one of my biggest concerns was being able to control it. They told me not to and to just feel whatever I was feeling because they promised it would be ok and would only make the film that much better. Well, damn it, they were right! Our wedding video had me in tears all over again. It helped me relive my most favorite day with my most favorite people.Your passion for storytelling and capturing raw emotion is bona fide and we’re so lucky to have worked with you both. Keep rocking the way you two do. THANK YOU for everything. Seriously.
— Adriana + Sean
Hiring Vow of the Wild was one of the first decisions we made for our wedding. And honestly, they were one of the best. The way they told our story brought tears to my eyes. So many tears in fact, I had to watch the video twice so I could actually see what they created. They showed how much love not only my husband and I had for each other on our day but the love our families had. They tell stories in such an honest and loving way that each film they create holds such a unique beauty to it. They captured our day so perfectly from small details to grand ones and fit them seamlessly into a video that I know I’ll cherish forever. Alex and Lisa are not only amazing at what they do but they are genuinely wonderful people. It’s rare to find people so kind, thoughtful and helpful. Alex and Lisa created something so special to us but when you look at their work as a whole, you’ll see that each and every video is unique, beautiful and so very thoughtful. If you want two people who care about you, about documenting your day in a thoughtful way, you cannot go wrong with Alex and Lisa.
— Megan + Sean
After reviewing some videographers online, I stumbled upon Alex/Lisa with Vow of the Wild and instantly fell in love with their amazing story-telling and style. Their talent is just undeniable. Their videos had me in tears and I just knew they were the fit for us. When I reached out - they were highly professional and always returned our emails super quickly. When we met with them - we knew it was a done deal. They are the SWEETEST couple - they asked us about our love story and our personalities so they could capture that appropriately in the video. Not only that - they have such a warm presence and you instantly feel comfortable around them - which we knew would be key for day of the wedding (my partner was a little insecure about the idea of “cameras following her all day”) ... The video was priceless and my wife and I were crying on the couch when we watched it. It was just simply perfect and was the best money we spent for our wedding, hands-down. If you are still wondering if you SHOULD do a videographer for your wedding - I PROMISE - you won’t regret it and you should go with Alex/Lisa, hands-down.
— Jordan + Jill
Words cannot express how much I loved working with these two. They are so sweet and have a love for adventure. “Vow of the Wild” is the perfect name for their company and it truly matches our lifestyle as well. They are extremely professional and only added to the fun we had on our wedding day.
— Haley + Connor
Alex and Lisa are incredible humans and are extremely talented at what they do. I do think they are in a league of their own. They are so talented and passionate at what they create and are professional on every level. Their love story and their vision is so unique and they are able to find a way to capture moments that can take you back to the moment! Alex and Lisa were such an important part of this monumental day in our life and because of them, we have the strongest memories and cannot wait to keep this with us for the rest of our lives.
— Allison + Jeff
Today marks two years of marriage for us and we eagerly played the full length documentary movie of our wedding day with ALL the emotions, memories, joys, tears, and love absolutely pouring from the screen and our hearts. This was BY FAR the BEST investment we made in to our wedding ... we have our most special day captured in such a special medium not just us but for our kids as well. Could NOT recommend Lisa and Alex more! What a treasure .... thank you thank you THANK YOU!
— Cami + Nate
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We're Lisa + Alex, the goofballs behind Vow of the Wild. We live in the beautiful state of Colorado, but we are passionate about traveling to new places and meeting new people along the way. We are lucky enough to have what we consider to be the best job in the world (other than a professional dog petter). We get to create films and photos for adventurous Colorado Elopements and adventurous Destination Elopements across the globe! Feel free to reach out to us, we'd love to meet you!