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So you’re interested in eloping in Colorado! You’ve got good taste, Colorado is by far one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and we are thrilled that you’re here. When you elope in Colorado, you are spoiled with countless beautiful locations. Do you want to stand on a mountaintop and profess your love? Do you want to run through a meadow? Do you want to hike to a bright blue alpine lake? Or would you like to explore a pine forest? Colorado’s got you covered.

You’ve probably heard that wedding planning is stressful, but we assure you that this won’t be the case! Our goal is to make planning your elopement not only stress-free, but also a lot of fun! In this guide, we help you create a vision for your wedding day, share some of our favorite locations to elope in Colorado, give you a low-down on what each month in Colorado is like, and give you tips and tricks for staying safe and making the most of your elopement!


We are Lisa + Alex, and we are Colorado elopement photographers and videographers.


We had an intimate wedding (12 guests) a few years ago, and that experience is the basis for everything we do. Planning our own day meant running into a brick wall of choice, with no resources to help us. We had fun, but only after investing an insane amount of time to figure out how to make our elopement feel just as momentous as a wedding day should be. We didn’t want to feel like we just walked up a hill and said some vows, so we crafted a day that really allowed us to feel emotionally overwhelmed in all the best ways.

We’ve taken that process, improved upon it even more, and passed it on to every couple who works with us. Honestly, we don’t really consider ourselves just photographers and videographers anymore, we’re also planners, and experience providers, and the annoying mom who reminds you to drink enough water. Gotta stay hydrated.

One of the most common questions we get from our couples is “Where do I start with planning my own elopement in Colorado?” And that’s what we’re here for! We’ve lived in Colorado all our lives and we’ve helped many couples plan their dream elopements! We put together a guide filled with our tips for planning your own elopement in Colorado!


What's in the Guide?

Gorgeous Location Ideas
How to Choose the Perfect Colorado Elopement Location
Ceremony Guidance (What Does an Elopement Ceremony Look Like?)
When You Should Elope in Colorado
What You Can Expect From the Weather
How to Prepare for the Weather
Important Practical Safety Tips


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We're Lisa + Alex, the goofballs behind Vow of the Wild. We live in the beautiful state of Colorado, but we are passionate about traveling to new places and meeting new people along the way. We are lucky enough to have what we consider to be the best job in the world (other than a professional dog petter). We get to create films and photos for adventurous Colorado Elopements and adventurous Destination Elopements across the globe! Feel free to reach out to us, we'd love to meet you!


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Colorado Elopement Planning Guide | Vow of the Wild
Colorado Elopement Planning Guide | Vow of the Wild