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Shelby + Bryant

We hear all the time that a couple starts planning a big, traditional wedding and it just doesn’t feel right. They find planning to be stressful instead of fun, and they struggle with making decisions for themselves and for their guests. This was the case for Shelby and Bryant. It takes a lot of bravery to elope, but they knew they wanted to do something different. A quiet morning in the mountains just seemed a bit more “them.”

It was important for Shelby and Bryant to hike on their wedding day, so we helped them pick one of our favorite hikes that ends at a gorgeous alpine lake. In the weeks leading up to their elopement, Shelby and Bryant attempted to do the hike with their dogs, but an issue with one of their dog’s harnesses kept them from making it to the top. So when we met them at the trailhead in complete darkness, they didn’t know what to expect. As we climbed higher and higher up the mountain (crossing two waterfalls along the way) and as the sun started to peek out, they got their first glimpse of the landscape surrounding them. Once we finally made it to the foot of the lake, we all stood in awe at its beauty, as well as the silence surrounding us.

A few minutes before sunrise, they both changed into their wedding clothes and had their first look. Then it was time for their ceremony along the edge of the lake. Alex gave a reading to set the tone for the ceremony and then Shelby and Bryant each read their vows to each other.

The rest of the morning was spent celebrating with fancy champagne (and realizing that the cheap stuff is better), exploring the lake, and enjoying the views on the hike down since we couldn’t see them on the way up! As we left they were congratulated by other hikers just beginning their trek to the top. It can be easy to get bogged down on wedding planning details, even if you’re planning an elopement. But there is so much beauty in simplicity.





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