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San Miguel de Allende Intimate Wedding Film


Michelle + Ricardo

Before Michelle and Ricardo contacted us about being their destination intimate wedding videographers, we had never even heard of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. After a quick Google search, we immediately fell in love with the cobblestone streets, the warmly painted buildings, and the stunning central square. We quickly replied to their email, excited to learn more about the vision for their wedding day.

When planning their intimate wedding, Michelle and Ricardo considered many different locations. They originally planned on getting married in New York, where they live. But then they watched the Disney movie “Coco” with their son, Nick, and it was decided. They were going to get married in Mexico.

They set their sights on San Miguel de Allende, which is in Central Mexico, about three and a half hours north of Mexico City. They rented out an entire villa just outside of the city’s main square. The villa was not only gorgeous, but also had sprawling grounds, beautiful fountains, orange trees, a pool, and the perfect places for their intimate ceremony as well as dinner with their friends and family.

The morning before their wedding, we (along with their photographer) got up before sunrise and set off on our first-ever hot air balloon ride. None of us had ever been on one before, and we were all admittedly a little nervous! We split up into two separate balloons and watched the ground as we slowly rose into the air. From way up in the hot air balloons, the world seemed so much quieter. All we could hear was the occasional sound of the flame igniting above our heads, dogs barking (usually at us), and the church bells ringing.

As the sun rose, we floated over San Miguel de Allende, then over the Botanical Gardens, then over farmland. Both balloon rides ended with some excitement. The first balloon had so much momentum that it tipped over upon landing, and the second balloon almost landed in a tree. Afterward, we all ate breakfast together and talked about our adventures.

On the morning of the wedding, Michelle and Ricardo got ready separately. Michelle got ready in the villa’s master bedroom in front of a window overlooking the streets below, and Ricardo and their son Nick got ready on the downstairs veranda. As Ricardo got dressed, he started to feel the nerves and emotions creeping in.

Michelle and Ricardo had their first look on a small, stone patio in the lower garden of the villa. They embraced and cried a little bit before Nick joined them and they shared a group hug. By now, their guests were already beginning to gather at their ceremony site. Their ceremony was held in a small courtyard surrounded by succulents and adjacent to a beautiful arched tunnel covered in greenery. Ricardo’s sister officiated their ceremony and there was not a dry eye in sight (including ours). Nick comforted Ricardo as they both cried while Michelle read her vows. As Ricardo’s sister pronounced them husband and wife, all of their guests exploded with applause and the tears became grins.

After the ceremony, tequila shots were passed around before everyone headed out into the streets for the Callejoneada, which is a traditional wedding march. Michelle and Ricardo lead the way through the streets of San Miguel de Allende, followed by a donkey wearing flowers (and traditionally carrying tequila), two Mojigangas, which are dancing puppets that resemble the couple, a Mariachi band, and all of their guests. It was so much fun parading through the streets with everyone singing and cheering.

Their reception was held in the garden of the villa and was lit by market lights. They ate a delicious multi-course dinner and then enjoyed speeches under the glow of the lights. We hear a lot of speeches, but these were some of the most heartfelt speeches we’ve ever heard. Everyone was crying, and by that I mean ugly crying. Then, the night ended with everyone on the dance floor.

The following afternoon, Michelle and Ricardo hosted a pool party at the villa. The party was complete with music, tacos, ice cream, and giant Jenga. As the party came to a close, many of their guests started their journeys back to the airport. Ricardo and Michelle said emotional goodbyes and reflected on how special and rare it was to have all of their closest friends and family in one place. But I have a feeling they will all be returning to Casa Chorro in the near future.




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